July 13th, 2003

Late night

Just got back from a party at a friend's place. It was actually his girlfriend's birthday party but he invited me too (probably so he could have some sane company). Unfortunately the situation got icky very quickly. She was upset for the beginning of the night because another friend didn't like her new haircut (it's a fucking haircut, get over yourself!) and she knows that this particular friend will poke fun at anything he can. Then my buddy tries to find out what's wrong, and when he realizes how stupid it is, he gets into a bad mood... for the rest of the night. She ends up drinking until she's all happy and giddy and doesn't give a fuck... he's still in a bad mood. At first she didn't seem to mind that I was there and was laughing and joking with me, but then it started to feel like she was not happy about my being there at all. I'm sure I heard her whispering about me a few times (drunk people aren't that good at being subtle) and I have the feeling she things I'm fucking her boyfriend (uhm.... no... I dig chicks thanks). Anyway, it just got worse when we all went to a movie (which I ended up really enjoying - Pirates of the Carribean) and she chose not to sit beside my friend (her bf) but rather sit in a whole different section of the theatre with her other friend and the friend's boyfriend. Needless to say that didn't help my friend's mood and he hated the movie on top of it (though I'm not entirely convince his opinion of the movie wasn't tainted by the rest of the shit).

Despite all this, I'm actually having a pretty good night. I have a feeling that relationship is going nowhere fast at this point... but I do hate people being rude and whispering and giggling when other people are around. Even if it wasn't about me, that just fucking rude!
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More dreams

I'm starting to wonder if I'm just incapable of being in a good mood!

I asked the Goddess for a dreamless sleep last night. It seems it wasn't in her plan. Thankfully I didn't have to recall any of my horrible experience at my friend's place. Of course that's not why I'm angry...that's a whole different story. But let's start with the dreams shall we?

Dream #1
I'm a pirate... there are pirates everywhere. There's fighting and I'm trying to escape with some friends (wonder why I was dreaming of pirates?). In any case I just remember running across beems of wood, jumping, grabbing onto a rope, swinging over to this pole with handholds on either side, climbing up it to meet up with one of my friends on another platform. I know there was more to it than that, but it's very fuzzy.

Dream #2
I'm on vacation and I've been gone for a little while when I suddenly remember there's no one at home to feed the pets. I also realize that no one else has a key and the spare key that i have is locked inside the house. The fish and snake (i don't actually have a snake, but in this dream I did) had already gone without food for 4 days at this point. I call my younger brother (who I really don't talk to that much because of distance) and ask him if he can go over to check on them, giving him instruction on how to contact the landlord to get a key. Next thing I know, I'm able to see my place as it is, but I'm not actually there...the fish are about to kick the bucket, one is swimming/floating near the top and the other is just staying still on the bottom...and the snake is already dead and smells awful... the plants are also dying. I grab the fish food (that's right, apparently I'm there now) and feed the fish then I start to water the plants. The first few get watered but then I'm watering the third or fourth one and the water starts to spill all over and over flows....so I'm trying to catch and contain this water but I'm not able to and it's getting all over the hardwood floors. Luckily there's a towel nearby and so I start mopping it up but the water on the floor is all soapy like I've been cleaning it, so I just keep cleaning it and the water is evaporating from it really quickly and everything is drying up.

That's it... or at least all I remember. I'm sure there's a certain amount of significance to this dream, and probably most of the other dreams I have...and seeing as I'm in no shape to try interpreting right now, at least I have them recorded if I feel like doing so in the future.

In other news, I got confirmation this morning that my friend's gf was talking about the two of us. He's going to give me more information tomorrow at work because she's at home right now so he can't say much. Welcome back to high school boys and girls! She's obviously VERY insecure... but then again, their relationship is going to shit, so she's probably thinking I'm the cause. But he told her what the problem was long before I started hanging out with him.... that and I have NO interest in him as a significant other AT ALL. *sigh* I've told my friend that we're going to have to only hang out if she's not around... sounds bad and will probably come across wrong, but I don't want to deal with her pettiness. She can just keep on thinking what she wants. I know the truth.

end of morning rant
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