July 4th, 2003

Don't do today what you can put off until tomorrow

I have so much to get done today and I haven't even started.
In truth I really should have started earlier in the week, but there were just too many other things to do that were more fun/interesting to do. I'd much rather keep emailing lists about Wicca and reading the plethora of books that I own but haven't read. Of course that won't help me much on Wednesday when I have to hand in my essay for my Religion class.
Oh well... I guess it's time to bite the bullet!
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Well... I've not only started doing the things that I wanted to do, but I've gotten a few things done! Yippee!

I've also been posting on one of my email lists about some of the speedbumps I've been encountering along my spiritual journey. These past few weeks I've been coming back to what originally called to me... Wicca. I'd moved away from Wicca because it seemed to be so unstructured. I know now that isn't the case and it's the misuse of the word Wicca among many people who aren't truly Wiccan, but rather simply pagan or even ecclectic Wiccans that turned me away. I did not want to be a fluff-bunny and anyone who knows me will probably agree in a heartbeat! I am realizing now that this is not the case and I had lost that deep connection and sense of mysticism that I'd only ever felt as a Wiccan. So now I come back to it and am starting to feel that sense of... well magic, for lack of a better word... and it is very comforting. I'm also glad that I did leave it for a while and explored other options that are out there because I come back to it with a greater knowledge and understanding of both myself, Wicca and of other paths.

I am also very blessed to have a family that is accepting of me, no matter what I believe. And believe me, they've had to be pretty accepting between coming out of the broom closet followed by coming out of the other closet. Not to mention my stylish shaved head, nose ring, lip ring, multiple earrings, belly button ring and couple of tattoos. (it isn't as scary as it sounds)

That all being said... back to work with me!
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