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Recurring Themes

Although my anxiety disorder is a relatively new phenomenon in my life, I was thinking this morning (while feeling anxious) how many issues in my life are recurring problems. It's obvious that despite my numerous efforts to correct these things, I'm obviously missing something because I keep cycling back. I need to find the root cause and deal with that.

The main issues that seem to keep coming up are:
Money - overspending
Insecurity - in general and in close relationships
Exercise (or lack thereof)

Of course… on top of all of this, I’m dealing with my pain issues. I have an appointment scheduled to see my doctor next week but I’m worried that there won’t be anything we can do about it. My last doctor brushed off the issue of the strain in my right back/shoulder and never dealt with it, so I’m just hoping this time it will be different.

I was thinking of doing some stream of consciousness writing to see if I can get to the root of the other problems. I’m sure that the pain issues play into the whole thing to a certain extent (as coping mechanisms) but I really do feel there’s more to it than that.

Where is jupiter in your chart?

And I love your journal colours. :-)
Looks like Jupiter's in Leo
At least if I'm reading this right! lol

Zodiac in degrees 0.00
Sun Virgo 27.59
Moon Taurus 25.07
Mercury Virgo 20.05
Venus Scorpio 11.33
Mars Scorpio 0.59
Jupiter Leo 2.54
Saturn Virgo 7.04
Uranus Scorpio 13.54
Neptune Sagittarius 15.43
Pluto Libra 15.53
Lilith Cancer 27.30
Asc node Virgo 26.47

Placidus Orb:0
Ascendant Leo 22.51
II Virgo 13.50
III Libra 10.19
IV Scorpio 13.18
V Sagittarius 20.08
VI Capricorn 24.14
VII Aquarius 22.51
VIII Pisces 13.50
IX Aries 10.19
Midheaven Taurus 13.18
XI Gemini 20.08
XII Cancer 24.14

I love this journal layout! Very halloweeny but I think I'll keep it longer!
Re: Looks like Jupiter's in Leo

Hmm, it looks like you have Leo in 12th, though you also have Leo rising, not conjunct. I am surprised, I would think it would be in the first. If you want to email me your time/date/place of birth (valkyri @ valkyri dot org) then I'll run it up myself - I'm better with visuals and I can see if there is anything currently in aspect to your Jupiter.

Jupiter is the planet of excess. Over-eating, over-spending.. you see why I asked?

I might be able to help though, and if it is aspected right now I can give you some clue as to when it will ease off.
Re: Looks like Jupiter's in Leo
I definitely see why you asked! lol
Thanks a bunch. I've sent over an email for you. Your insight is much appreciated.