Nothing but Crows (kaleekolai) wrote,
Nothing but Crows

Experimenting and TTC excitement

Yesterday I was walking up Yonge Street on my way to work and realized I was feeling a bit worn out and down in the dumps. I thought to myself, "Meg, you need to change your perspective" ... so I decided to start smiling at the random strangers I was passing and see if I could make them smile too.

Let me just state for the record that not only did most people not even acknowledge their surroundings or make eye contact, I think I only got one smile out of the twenty or so people I passed. Of course I got a smile and a good morning from the gentleman handing out the Outreach papers to support the homeless (I assume he is homeless himself). I always make an attempt to make eye contact with him, smile and wish him a good morning every day, especially when I really don't feel like it! He always smiles back and wishes me a good morning too.

Oh Toronto! Whatever will I do with you!?

Later that same day.... I hop on to TTC bus to head over to ethaisa's place and there's a guy hacking and swearing a few seats over from me. The bus driver stops the bus and asks if he has a medical condition because otherwise he needs to clean up his language. He gets really angry and swears at her, so she asks him to leave the bus. He jumps up and aggressively charges his way off the bus (thankfully it wasn't a very full bus) swearing all the way.

Was this to be the end of our excitement? Of course not! Turns out this lovely gentleman had left us all something to remember him by... he peed on the seat!! The bus driver calls transit control and says "Just to let you know..." and goes and covers up the seat. She was hilarious because she totally made the whole thing very humourous, admitting that she did indeed have a "fat ass" just as he'd mentioned and that she almost had that bus chair molded to fit her ample posterior.

The excitement of public transit never ceases to .... amaze me?

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