The longest migraine

I ended up having a four day long weekend... most of it spent in a great deal of pain. My head started hurting around midday on Sunday and continued to get worse Monday peaking later that night. I slept with an ice pack, trying to get the pain to go away for the workday on Tuesday, knowing how bad it would look to miss the day right after the long weekend... it didn't work. I spent most of Tuesday passed out and the other part of it still fighting the pain. Nothing was working to get rid of it. I got to sleep late and was still fighting some pain on Tuesday but it became accompanied by some nice grogginess.

Today, I'm actually worse again. At this point, I don't know if I can make it through a full shift today. I made it in to work but fell asleep on streetcar and am struggling with the sensitivity to sound and light (both a problem when you work in a brightly lit call centre).

I'll tell you one thing that I'm certain of... I'm sick of pain. I've been sick of it for years and it's no different now. I WANT to be able to work a full month without missing days. I WANT to be able to go out with friends without hesitation because I'm not feeling 100%. I WANT to be able to think clearly without the fogginess I get from trying to cope with pain.

The problem is that I don't want anyone to think I'm being a drama queen and just blowing off work. There's another girl at work who also suffers from migraines and chemical sensitivity who tends to miss a fair amount of work. For whatever reason, I have very little pity for her and I guess that's why I don't expect anyone to cut me any slack either.

I'm just feeling really grumpy right now.
I just tried commenting but it didn't seem to go through, so if there is a duplicate here - sorry!

Wow girl I'm sorry to hear about your migraines. :( Did you talk to that naturopath you were seeing about them? If not, maybe they would have some ideas? *hugs*
It went through as anonymous so it was invisible. Therefore, I shall respond to this one!

I spoke to her briefly about the migraines but I think I'll go see her again once I have some cash flow going.
Just because I understand money issues, you might consider seeing someone at the Naturopathic College since it is much cheaper. You still pay up front but it's considerably less and therefore you can also get more sessions out of a year's worth of benefit coverage.
Actually, my naturopath has been charging me on a sliding scale rate and the last session was on $26.50. I'm really just that broke at the moment.
Sounds like you have a right to be grumpy! And I bet know why you have little pity for the other girl - you see in her a condition you hate in yourself. Transference is a pita. I'm so sorry you're doing so badly. This weather (pressure shifts, ugh) is horrid and only making it worse. (My allergies have me drowning in phlegm every morning. I'm living in an antihistamine fog. Double ugh.)

I second HB's advice - talk to your naturopath as soon as you are able.
I was thinking that was probably why I didn't have much pity.

The pressure changes this year are really doing a number on me... I'm really hoping the naturopath can help.