What the heck!?

Everyday at about 3 o'clock I start to crash. I'll be sitting at my desk and blammo! no more energy. I'm convinced that I'm not meant to work in an office with no fresh air and overhead fluorescent lights. The printer that's been shown to emit high levels of toxic fumes doesn't help I'm sure. What bothers me most is that it doesn't seem to make a difference whether I eat well or not. I feel really crappy starting around 2pm. My shoulder is also killing me. I'm sure that I have a repetitive strain injury that is aggravated by having to use a mouse all day. I've mentioned it to the doctor who didn't seem to think anything needed to be done about it. I'm in so much freaking pain right now that I just want to screw off. Every time the phone rings it just really irritates me. Something about noise and pain all at once just rubs me the wrong way.

So... I feel drowsy, have no energy, headachy AND in a boatload of pain that I know I can't get rid of with tylenol. My should just seems to keep getting worse and worse too. I keep adjusting my desk but nothing seems to help alleviate the strain. GRRR!!
Have you tried going to physio or even accupuncture for your shoulder? Sometimes just because something isn't "medically wrong" with it, in the classic sense of the term, it doesn't mean that it can't benefit from some form of treatment. I went through a similar thing when trying to find out what, if anything, was wrong with my shoulder and I've found an amazing therapist who has done wonders for me in a short period, if you're interested.
Yeah, I think I need physio for it. I've gone to a massage therapist who is incredible but it's soooo expensive to keep that up. Where's the therapist located? It might not be a bad idea to look into it.
She's up at Bathurst and Glencarin. Kind of a trek, but I like her. Plus, I didn't need a doctor's referal to make an appointment which was good. You should try the McIntosh clinic at UofT. You pay a $50 membership fee and then all the therapy sessions are free.
Yeah, I thought some of it was covered but my problem is always with having to pay the stuff up front.
It's pretty great. It's located in the basemet of the AC. I'll look for the website, but in the meantime, their phone number is 416-978-4678. I'm pretty sure you need to tell them that you want to meet with a doctor first, at least that's what I did when I threw out my back, and then the doctor will give you the physio referral- it's not a big deal since they're all located in the same room. Just make sure you bring your student card with you.
Thanks! It will be easier for me to book things now that I'll be starting my Thursdays on campus shift too.
I often find that, unless I"m careful, I crash hard about 4pm. Do you ever have an mid-afternoon snack? A couple crackers and cheese often makes a *world* of difference with my afternoon energy levels.
I usually have lots of snacks at my desk but generally it's of the fruit and veggie variety. Maybe some carbs/protein would be better. I'll give it a try!
For me, it really does have to be some protein. If I don't get some first thing in the morning, and some mid-afternoon, my energy levels completely bottom out. I never would have figured this out if it wasn't for our nutritionist. I am so not a breakfast person in the first place, and with my sweet tooth I did tend to go for sugary even when eating healthy (ie. fruit) for a quick pick-me-up. But it never lasted - protein keeps me more on the level and I really notice the difference when I forget.
Most people have some kind of energy crash between 2pm and 4pm. It's just a normal part of the circadian rhythm. Food is a good idea--getting the blood sugar back up helps.

In my work, one of the things I do is what amounts to a series of all-day brainstorming meetings. By 3pm, everyone in the meeting is just baked from that circadian rhythm lull, plus thinking so hard. We make sure everyone gets a break around then, and that there are lots of snacks (and caffiene) available!
Interesting, I'd not heard of this circadian rhythm crash. Guess I'm not as weird as I thought. LoL