[Health and Nutrition] Weee! A good day

Today seems to be working out quite well for me health-wise. I had a low spot mid-afternoon where I started feeling a bit slow and tired but overall, I've been feeling more energetic and the heavy, bloated feelings of yesterday are gone. I can tell that I still have a long way to go but it's nice to be feeling pretty decently after such a low day yesterday.

Our manager bought muffins for us at work today and I thought it would be a nice treat to eat one. I was wrong... oh so very wrong. It was disgusting. My palate has changed apparently, because all I could taste was the sugar and processed-ness of it. I only ate half of it and the other half unfortunately got tossed. It was somewhat reassuring to have such a strong negative reaction to an "unhealthy food". Gives me hope that I really am on the right track.