[Health and Nutrition] Ugh

I feel sluggish and bloated today. I don't know what's going on but I'm feeling somewhat disappointed and frustrated. I've been eating better than I ever have and I feel completely spaced-out. In fact, it feels kind of like I'm stone. I'm flitting in and out of being able to focus on anything. Almost as though I could pass out at any moment. This was happening to me before I started eating better so it's not just due to the change but I was under the impression that making these changes would result in an increase in energy, mood and concentration. So what am I doing wrong?

Instead of feeling energized, light and focused, I feel heavy, fat, spacey and exhausted. I'm really f'ing frustrated and feel de-motivated (did I just make that word up?). All I want to do now is go back to my comfort foods that at least give me a bit of energy and make me feel good. I'm resisting the temptation but my resolve is definitely breaking. I know it's only been a week and it will probably take longer to see results but I wasn't expecting to feel worse.

Just typing up this post is proving challenging as I can't seem to keep my attention focused on anything for very long.

I feel like crap.

I want to curl up in bed and forget the world.

I don't want to feel tired anymore and that's where I seem to be at. What the hell is wrong with me?!
Hmm.. this is tricky, but don't give up! What have you been eating, and how much? I know you are eating better things, but are you eating enough of them? Are you drinking a lot of water? Need more info. *hugs*
I think the biggest problem is not getting enough complex carbs and protein. I was "overdosing" on fruit and veggies, mainly because they're fast and easy.

I'm trying to get it balanced but I really, really felt crummy yesterday until later in the evening. I crashed mid way through the day at work though.
I suppose it's possible your body could be going through a withdrawal of those addictive foods and is punishing you. Ever see Trainspotting? If you see any crazy spider-babies, you know you just have to wait it out.

Remember the other aspects of healthy living.. especially the good sleeping habits, activity, etc. I get the impression that you sacrifice a lot of sleep (ahem, the mmorpg), which can really fuck you over.

Also, maybe there is a certain something you're low on that you were getting with the shitty diet. You could be naturally low on any number of things and need to compensate. It could take going to the right kind of specialist (nutritionist, whatever) that can peek at your blood even. I went to school (SEB program) with someone who was starting a practice and needed a special microscope to do just that - identify such deficiencies and help fix them through diet/supplements. This kind of thing IS a science, and it could take a lot of work and research to get things just right. And as much as you read about this stuff, everyone's body is different and the same rules don't always apply. This is the hardest damn thing to get right.

I experience the same kind of effects when I'm completely lacking carbs (which is a rare occurrence).. I feel like shit, even if I've eaten all this healthy stuff. Could be withdrawal.. who knows. Bring on the headaches.

Remember, eating that shit DOESN'T make you feel good, ultimately.. whether it's sometimes physical or psychological - it's a vicious downward spiral. Don't give up, and don't be afraid to ignore that baby-steps mentality that could hold you back (as far as simultaneously tackling other areas like sleep, or going for nice autumn walks).

Myself, I'm looking to reboot my own lifestyle after this move. Funny how we seem to need a major event or breakthrough to start changing shit. On that note, I'll go to sleep now instead of wasting time online for another 3 hours. :)
I think that you're right on a few counts. I wasn't getting a good balance (too much fruit and veg, not enough of anything else). I'm thinking that I will go see a nutritionist now that I've already gotten myself started and am in a receptive state for change.

I have been going to bed much earlier (when I get tired) lately instead of staying up late playing FFXI. I know that's made a bit of a difference but like you said, there are many aspects to healthy living and I'm not all balanced on all of them.

Exercise is what's really lacking for me. I haven't been active much since my bicycle accident and need to find a way to get motivated again.