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My life according to me

Soooo....the new MD player is working just beautifully now that I have the right one, with all the right accessories. It actually copies files faster than my CD Burner! Go figure! I'm just listening to it now and it's good sound too. I'm glad I got it all straightened out, even if it did mean spending more money in the end.

Speaking of money, I just got my commission report from work (they had to send it to us at home because they've messed up so much lately that they actually sent it on the weekend). With the adjustments from things they messed up since January I get retro pay of $350... PLUS my September commission (yes our commission system is a bit behind) for a grand total of $1044!! I was thrilled when I saw that, even if does mean I get put into a higher tax bracket. I'll still end up with a good amount of money! Yay me! So that means that I'll actually be able to keep some money in my savings account this month instead of ending up with no money and no food for 2 weeks! LoL Well ok, so I had SOME food...but not a lot! Did I mention that the commission is on top of my salary pay?? Can anyone say *cha-ching* Of course I'm notoriously bad with my money, so I'll have to be careful not to go crazy!

I actually got a lot done today. This morning was a waste mind you... slept in late. I just had a lot of trouble waking up for some reason... then M and I watched the Big Lebowski (sp?) which is a really messed up but, IMO, funny movie. After that we left Hazel to do more homework and headed to a Hare Krishna temple to (finally) get started on my Sociology essay. It was actually a great experience! I loved it! It's so different from what I'm used to. Even though on the outside it looks like a Christian church (mainly because it was at one time) on the inside it couldn't be any different! I found it a very nice place and one where I'd be comfortable going to sit in quiet meditation. They have 6 daily services too, so it won't be hard for me to go back and check one of them out at some point. M even bought some incense for us to burn at home! It smells nice too. He lit a stick in the living room.

After the temple, M and I headed to campus to grab a bite to eat and then head on to the Catholic church I was going to check out for my second religion (we need two for the assignment), but after we were done eating it was going to be to late, so we call Hazel to meet up with us at Hart House where we went to work out again (it closes at 9 on Sundays). It was a good workout too. This time I did 15 laps and 5.5 of them were jogging! I also did 15 minutes on the elliptical machine and 10 on the rowing machine. Overall, I was pretty proud of myself!

I've written up as much as I could remember about the temple and I'm already over 700 words in notes. The whole essay is only supposed to be 1500-2000 so I have a feeling I'll be just fine! Of course... I'm not going to do any more tonight because it's after midnight and not only am I exhausted but I actually have to be able to wake up for work tomorrow. I had wanted to get more work done around the house today, but it will have to wait for another day.


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