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[Health & Nutrition] Changes

I decided to change the name of this thread from "Food and Weight" to "Health and Nutrition" because it seems to capture the essence of what I'm trying to accomplish much better. I think the old name had a certain negative connotation to it and this feels more positive to me... and on that note, on to the subject matter!

Since my last post, I slipped back into my emotion eating habit again. I've realize that stress is a big part of why I make poor food choices. When I get stressed out, I reach for something to comfort me and give me that "emotional high" that you get from high fat/salt/sugar foods. So, I've been doing what I should have done initially.... eating unprocessed, whole foods. I'm easing in to it and suppers lately have still been fairly processed (largely because Jboy's been cooking before I get home and I haven't really had a chance to go over the eating plan) but snacks, breakfast and lunch have all been quite healthy. I've been doing this since Friday and am just hoping that the few moments of weakness I've had will become more and more rare.

I'm actually pretty happy with the changes. Some things I've done have been snacking on oranges, eating salad with homemade salsa instead of dressing, eating way more veggies, snacking on unsalted peanuts and drinking more water. I haven't had a pop (diet or otherwise), chips or chocolate/sweets since Friday although I did get some crispers on the weekend. I'm finding that I'm doing okay overall but the hardest part is breaking the snack habit and finding things that curb the cravings. This morning I got up early, cut up veggies for lunch, ran out to the store quickly for a few items, chopped more veggies, threw them together with some broth and mixed beans, dropped them in the slow cooker and ate breakfast.

Part of this change is an effort to get my anxiety under control naturally. I'm still a little panicky at time but I figure once my body gets used to the change and regulates itself, I'm going to find a big improvement. So far, I'm pretty sure I've been "detoxing" and won't really start reaping the benefits for a little while.

Also, as I tend to do, I've picked up a couple of books on nutrition. One of them practically jumped off the shelf at me and it's called "Improve Your Mood With Food". It's actually been a really easy little book to read and has been the main driving force behind me getting motivated to make more positive changes. It has 3 seven day meal plans for depression, stress and chronic fatigue (respectively) that actually sound quite delicious. The soup that is cooking as I type this is one of the recipes. It sure smelled good when I left this morning. I'm looking forward to trying some more of them out. Since they also serve 4, I can freeze the remaining servings for a future day when I don't have time to prepare something in advance!

Problems so far: since I've just gotten started with this I'm still trying to work out the balance of food that won't leave me feeling hungry halfway through the afternoon. I've established that the veggies and fruits are great but I definitely need to make sure I get in the carbs and protein. This has been lacking so far because, until this morning, I haven't been cooking. With a little more experimenting, I'm sure I'll get the hang of it.

Tonight, I get to look forward to a slow-cooked soup, waiting all nice and warm and ready for me when I get in the door. I think my slow cooker is going to be seeing a lot more use.
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