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Another blow to my ego today. I went to the doctor's for my monthly check-up and it came to the part where I get weighed. I didn't really want to get weighed because I knew that I'd gained a pound or two because of my awful eating habits recently...but I climbed up on the scale anyway, to find out to my amazement I haven't gained enough for it to show a difference!! Yay! Feeling relieved I climb down and we go through the blood pressure test and eye exam... etc etc. Finally I'm ready to go and my doctor says "Ok, see you in a month. I hope you lose weight." Now I probably shouldn't have been floored by this seeing as he's said something like this to me before, but I've lost about 25 pounds in the past year, about 10 pounds (maybe more) since I first started seeing him and it's just never enough it seems. It's not as if I'm severly obese or anything. Can't he just say "See you in a month, take care of yourself" or "take it easy"?? Aaargh!! *deep breath* Anyway, it's frustrating because I'm trying to lose weight but I'm not that unhappy with the way I look. Sure I could shave off a pound or two here and there, but that's all. I don't go for that emaciated look. I know that I have to get my life under control and I know I have some issues around proper eating habits, but I'm getting tiny step at a time.

On another note...I didn't have nearly as much trouble waking up this morning as I was afraid I might, but I'm still feeling spacey and having trouble concentrating. That has been ongoing for about a week now. I don't know if I'm just exhausted or what, but it's really driving me nuts.

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