Goth face


Well, I'm home from work yet again... *sigh* I wish I didn't always miss so many days, but there's not much to do about it. This migraine was a real bad one too, and unfortunately I haven't been able to pick up more insanely overpriced prescription drugs for it ($30 for 6 pills AFTER my 80% discount is a bit steep in my opinion). Strangely I slept deeply (might have been the tylenol with codeine I took) but I feel exhausted. The pain is still there this morning too, so I took another couple Tylenols.

The one thing I really hate about getting the migraines is that it affects the people around me a lot of the time. We went out to a ritual on campus last night and it was the first time that we were all able to go to the pub afterwards for some mingling... however, I ended up in some serious pain halfway through the night and I know that my friends were worried about me and I hate being a drag!! I mean, the pain sucks too, but I hate it when it impacts on other people's fun. grrrr!

I'm thinking of trying an alternative remedy I'd been using before and seeing if it works again. I have to find a way to cycle it though because if I just take it constantly it loses its effectiveness. I have issues with what I perceive as "weakness", so getting this migraines and not being able to function like a normal human being really bothers me. Perhaps it might be a lesson in patience and tolerance that I'm supposed to be learning, but if that's the case, I'd rather learn it in a less painful way!! Aaaargh.

I understand's hard.

Jason told me to say hi! And thank you for the nice goodbye hug!

Mabye we can look into homeopathy to cure your headaches? I'm on a big homeopathy kick - it's really interesting. :)