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compliments make my day

A girl at work today said something to me as she was heading out the door that made me feel so great! She said "I wish I had your figure". I'm finding that I'm getting more "notice" lately... mainly since I've started growing my hair back. I know that shaving my head for me is partly a spiritual thing and partly a way of "cutting off the old and making way for the new". It's also partly because I like it! LoL But it's interesting how it stays shaved until I'm ready to start "accepting" the outside world back into my life, and allowing myself to become part of it again. Coincidence? Maybe. I didn't realize it until about a week or two ago... but there it is! It's almost as if the shaving of my head represents this liminal phase that I go through every now and then where I'm not really part of society, but at the same time not really apart from it. In any case, I digress... I was so thrilled to receive that compliment. I've been working at getting my weight down and hearing things like that just make me happy with the way I already am! Losing the extra pounds just become icing on the cake!

Hope all of you who read this journal of mine have something wonderful happen to you this week that makes you smile!


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