Some days you feel great and some days you just feel like complete shit. Unfortunately, today is the latter for me.

Despite needing to study for my exam on Tuesday, I slept for most of the day. I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night and feel like something is nasty is lodged in the pit of my stomach (I like to call it Mr. Anxiety). Now that I'm finally out of bed, I have no desire to do anything. I feel run down, my head hurts and I can't seem to keep my attention focussed on any one thing for very long. I'm downloading the season premier of Canada's Next Top Model because I know it won't require any great mental effort on my part to watch it.

Maybe I could use a nice hot cup of green tea.

I feel like having a tantrum. A good, old fashioned, 8 year old style tantrum. *sigh*

At least no one's home today to see me like this.
I have have a tantrum. Get yourself a punching bag or something you can beat the snot out of and let it all go! Shy of that, maybe there are creative outlets for anxiety and frustrations?
Generally, painting, writing, reading or playing video games tend to relax me when I'm feeling crummy... of course, I don't really feel like I'm in the mood for any of that right now. I definitely don't feel like leaving the house either and I'm sure a bit of a walk would be really good for me. Bleh! How the mind works against me sometimes!

I have an idea (if there is time before it gets too dark). Why not take your work, and a nice snack of some kind with water etc, to the park. You can do your readings and relax outdoors... I used to do that when I felt crummy and had school work to do bac on the Island.
The thought did cross my mind. The problem is getting enough motivation to actually get up off my butt and leave the house. The thought of leaving the house is really putting me off right now. It's part of the anxiety... feeling like I just don't want to do anything.

I did play with Apalala a bit today though. That was good.
Hooray for me! I got up off my butt and went out for a walk. Returned some movies and got new ones!
*huggles* I'm sorry you had a crappy day. I'm glad that you ended up getting out of the house for a bit though! Mike's comment about the punching bag made me think about boxing again. ;)