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Jud and I have been playing FFXI for a few months now and the other day I realized that it sucked having to take turns and not being able to play together. Since it's an online game, it would be nice to be able to join up and fight the enemy together. So I decided I was going to get a copy of the game for my PC. I called about six places before finding one that had it in stock but it was a store fairly close-by. Jud said that he'd come with me and offered to buy it for me! It meant killing off my old character who I'd been working up but he was able to help me get my new character through the first bit fairly quickly.

We've been playing together almost every night and staying up later than we probably should but it's so much fun!!! It's 100 times better to be able to play the game together! I've been tired at work the past few days though, so we're trying to log out a bit earlier than we were. The game is so addictive I could spend all day playing it... and I have! I'm so glad that Jud treated me to my own copy.

Couples who game together, stay together!
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