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R and R

I took the whole week off of work. I flipped flopped back and forth about doing it but in the end I did. I'm glad that I did because so far I've been finding it really relaxing and am getting some more leisurely activities done (like reading - finished one book, started another).

I've also been doing some more productive things like cleaning, laundry and some sewing... interspersed with napping and video game playing of course! I had a lovely lunch with ethaisa yesterday, picked up some fabric to do the above mentioned sewing, returned some overdue videos, rented some more and had a great evening hanging out with my friend Jessie.

Today has been a fairly laid back day. Slept in late, had a delicious breakfast of cheerios and fresh berries, did a few chores and now I'm just sitting back and taking it easy. Jboy's gone out to see a show for a band that he likes so I'm planning on comandeering the PS3 to play some more Oblivion (I'm totally addicted to that game!).

Life is pretty good. My anxiety is pretty well under control, I'm feeling more secure and confident and I'm actively making sure I get more nutritious foods into my body each day. Sure I still snack a lot but it's not the ONLY thing I'll eat in a day anymore. I'm happy and I'm feeling pretty darn great!

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