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Eating Better? Go Organic?

I've been trying to introduce more foods into my diet lately. I'm reading a book (I can sense the disbelief already *grin*) about different foods that help with anxiety, mood, migraines... pretty much anything brain related. The book is (fittingly) called 'The Brain Diet' and is quite accessible to read, unlike a lot of books in a similar vein that I find tend to be overly technical.

I was thinking, perhaps I've been going about all this "food stuff" and dieting the wrong way. Sure I'd been losing weight but that was largely due to the fact that my appetite was practically gone when the anxiety hit me really hard. Now that I'm eating decently again, a few of these pounds have crept back on. So, instead of just trying to cut out certain foods, I'm slowly adding and introducing more good foods. My theory here is that all the times that I've just tried to cut out foods, I haven't succeeded for any great length of time. By introducing more good foods, I will be getting the effects of the additional vitamins and anti-oxidants and eventually I hope to see the bad food choices dwindle.

I figure that even if I continue eating the "bad foods" at least now I'm boosting my system with more nutrition that it's been lacking. I'm also eating breakfast EVERY morning now. I usually make sure that I eat something within the first 30 minutes after I wake up to give my metabolism a boost. I started with vanilla yogurt. It was one of the few things I could get down in the morning when my stomach was really bothering me. Now it's become a habit. Sometimes, when I'm feeling adventurous, I'll mix it up and have a bowl of cereal instead!

The yogurt I've been getting has been an organic yogurt that I really like. I noticed recently that I've just starting choosing organic foods when available and when they aren't too expensive without really thinking about it. I don't always notice much difference in taste or quality but I feel like I'm making a more ethical choice and that works for me. Since the foods are organic, I also feel like I am putting something better into my system. In Canada, seeing at there is currently no mandatory regulation for organic food, in many cases I'm just trusting the vendors that I'm buying from that the organic foods are actually organic. I know that The Big Carrot is really stringent about their products but they're a little out of the way for me to get to, so I shop in my area and often go with products from companies I know are certified. Part of me can't help but wonder if it really makes any difference though.
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