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The final cut

I finally did something I'd been thinking of doing for a little while now. I cut up one of my credit cards. I was at work the other day and we were all talking about how our paycheques are pretty much always gone within minutes because of bills that need to be paid. I was saying how one of my biggest problems is that I pay off my credit cards but then max them back out between paycheques. Usually, I end up buying things that aren't necessities too so it's not like I NEED to keep the credit cards in order to survive (let alone three of them). So, I grabbed my scissors while I was at work and cut up one of my mastercards. It's the only way that I'm going to pay it off... and as it stands, it's going to take me quite a while. I'm just thrilled that I did it and got the ball rolling.

My biggest problem with the credit cards it that I buy something, knowing that I'll have the money to pay it back but then spendin the money when my paycheque comes in, instead of putting it all onto the card. Having three cards was a bit much and I had been wanting to get rid of one of them but up until now I've just kept all three. I probably won't get rid of the other two because there are a few things that I like to do (i.e. - rent a car, reserve tickets online...) that require one. Eventually, I plan to get the limits lowered on them so that they're a bit more reasonable. One step at a time though.

So I'm feeling liberated and motivated by the cutting of the card. It seems such a small and perhaps silly thing but sometimes that's all it takes. :)

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