Nothing but Crows (kaleekolai) wrote,
Nothing but Crows

Still Alive

I was reading some older entries the other day, looking for a picture, and realized that I really miss using my LJ as a place to share my thoughts, ideas and experiences. I also realized that I still shouldn't be allowed in bookstores! Some things stay the same.

I've been trying to post an update or something, anything... but every time I sat down to do it I'd just get distracted. Half the time, I'd just be too tired or unable to focus long enough to write something up.

Things have been great recently. My stomach problems are practically gone and my anxiety has lessened to the point where I actually feel like I'm back in control of my emotions. My doctor and I found a med that worked for the anxiety and it's made one hell of a difference. It's nice too that he really talks to me about stuff and gets my input. It's a huge change from my previous doctor that tried to attribute all my problems to the fact that I was overweight (and I recently found out that he did that to someone else I know - apparently he really was just shitty and rude). The best thing about the new meds is that they don't seem to be causing any side effects (3 weeks and going strong) and they also level me out to the point where I'm able to pull myself out of a downward spiral of negative thinking. I still have my days but they’re better and less frequent now.

Work is good. We just hired someone new and so far she’s great. She’s commissioned me to do a painting for her to give her mom as a mother’s day gift and I’m really looking forward to working on it. It’s quite a bit larger than the other watercolour paintings I’ve done, so it’s going to be an exciting challenge. I ended up buying myself some really big sheets of paper and a nice portfolio for everything too.

I’m sure there’s tons more I could and should say but I’ve already taken too long writing this entry up, so I’m going to send it before I get sidetracked again.

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