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Tired but still alive

I wanted to post a nice long update since I haven't been posting in... oh... months! Of course, I'm feeling kind of beat at the moment so it's probably going to end up being shorter than anticipated.

Jboy and I have move into a nice little apartment with one of his other friends. It's an awesome old building and our unit has been recently renovated, so everything in it is new (including most of our furniture!). We've finally got a real bed to sleep in, a kitchen that we feel comfortable preparing meals in and neighbours that might be a bit strange but don't keep us up (or wake us up) at all hours of the night. Our superintendents are also often. They've lived here for years and seem to really care about the place. Last night, the water got turned off sometime after supper and I went to look at the bulletin board in the lobby and they'd put up a note to let us all know that it was off because of an emergency. I looked out the window of our apartment and there was already a plumber on site fixing it. It was only out for a couple of hours!

One of my favourite features of the new apartment are the high ceilings and large windows. The ceilings are 14' high and the windows are about 7' tall. Because it's an older building, the windowsills are also the really deep kind which is nice for flowers, plants and little altars. Of course they're currently also housing some of the items I haven't figured out a place for yet.

I'm working part-time hours while we work on getting my anxiety and depression under control. I just started this week after spending most of last week at home sick. My doctor actually wanted me to take a complete leave from work for a while but I got so stressed about the lack of money and waiting period for EI's sick leave that I was a nervous wreck. My manager however, looked into part-time for me as an alternative (he said that half a Meg was better than no Meg at all if I was up for it). So, he talked to my doctor and I talked to my doctor and it's all approved and I'm working 8:30-1:00 Monday to Friday now. One of the things that is additionally awesome about this is that I no longer have to worry about booking appointments with my doctors since I'm getting off early enough to book them anytime in the afternoon.

So, emotionally I'm still struggling a bit but not as much as I used to. Jboy has been a great support through all of this, as have all of my friends and family. I know it can be difficult to understand when someone is upset for no apparent reason but all the support and hugs really do make a difference.

In completely unrelated news, I am now officially a Mac user. I just bought a Mac Mini because my PC decided it wanted to be a whore when we tried to format it. In fact, it wouldn't let us format the hard drive, no matter what we tried (and it was pretty infected with viruses). We eventually installed Windows onto the secondary hard drive, removed the primary, set the other one as primary and after much more fussing with it, got it to load windows. Sounds fine right? Wrong! The stupid thing wouldn't pick up my internet connection! I tried it with my wireless adapter and by hardwiring it. After spending ALL day on it on Monday and having it still being a b*tch, I decided I'd had enough. Tuesday afternoon, I had my new Mac installed and talk about sweeeet! I love the way it runs, the way it looks and how simple things are (i.e. - installing my printer which takes half an hour on my PC was done in minutes). The best part was that it's compatible with everything that I had (moniter, keyboard, mouse) so I really only had to buy the mini itself.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some things but that's the big stuff anyway. Now, I'm off to nap!
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