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Migraine madness

I am in so much pain this morning. I started feeling a migraine setting in yesterday, so I took one of my prescription pills... it didn't help. I went to bed amidst the sound of Italians honking, whistling, yelling and what sounded like setting off fireworks (the loud, noisy ones). The "merriment" continued until sometime after 1:30am. I guess some people don't have jobs that they need to wake up for in the morning. Personally, I think making noise like that after 11:00pm is disrespectful to those of us in the world that do need to sleep...

So, I tried to get some sleep but the migraine persisted. I got an ice pack to put on my head but it didn't help either. This morning, I had to call in sick to work. I took another pill and nothing is happening. The pain is excruciating. Even just typing this entry up is challenging. I keep having to pause because the pain in my head will suddenly spike. I'm at the stage where I'm beginning to feel somewhat nauseous too. This is very possibly the worst migraine I've had in the past year and there seems to be nothing I can do about it.

I'm going to keep up with the ice since it does provide a little bit of relief but I'm at the maximum dosage for my prescription. I think a lot of resting is going to be in order.
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are you near college little italy or st. clair little italy? we're on the edge of the northern one and the fuckers didn't stop until 2-ish in the morning. :(

i just don't understand that kind of nationalism. nor do I understand the completely lack of respect for people who actually live here in these neighbourhoods. i will be so happy when the games are over with. i hate the world cup -- people go insane.

i hope you feel better soon. migraines are awful things. :(
Unfortunately, I'm at the St. Clair little Italy/Portugal/Brazil/Argentina...So, if any of those teams win, there are large amounts of insanity. I just wish ANY other country would win at this point. I can't deal with the stupidity and noise pollution. I just know that most of the idiots running around are not really fans but will use any excuse to make way too much noise.
cool, we're in the same neighbourhood!

Argentina isn't so bad, neither is Ecuador. Even Brazil isn't hideous up here. Spain and Portugal are awful, though, and Italy is far and away THE WORST EVER.

World Cup time is when I despise my super multi-cultural neighbourhood. Otherwise I love it muchly. I like it when France wins. I hope France wins everything. When France wins, there's usually one or two cars and that's about it. Yay, France!

Horn-honking must die.
Yeah, Italy's definitely the worst so far but like you said... Portugal is pretty bad too. Apparently, they had the street blocked off last night a block from here for an Italian victory party.

I'm just glad that all of this nonsense only happens at world cup time.

I'm with you... GO FRANCE!!!