Nothing but Crows (kaleekolai) wrote,
Nothing but Crows

Creativity and The Inconvenient Truth

I've been feeling the urge to be creative and active lately. I'm not sure what I want to create or what form I want it take (writing, painting, sculpting) and as for the active aspect, it's usually something as simple as just going out for a walk. Last night before I left, I asked Jboy if he wanted to go for a walk and we just went around the neighbourhood. It was quite relaxing and felt wonderful. I need to find some little streets near my place that I can walk around. Maybe even the cemetary wouldn't be bad since it has a lot of nice trees and plants everywhere. 

This weekend Jboy, his friend J.A and I all went to see the movie An Incovenient Truth. It's a documentary done by Al Gore on the issue of Global Warming. It was great and I really think that everyone should see it. It's pretty scary how much of an impact we're having on this planet and how much different the scientific findings are from the normal cycle of climate changes. It's also incredible to see how much a difference a few simple little changes can make (like switching a light bulb to an energy efficient bulb!). But I digress, the movie was great and unlike Michael Moore, really "friendly" and enjoyable. Gore's approach is much more pleasant and made me want to start taking action, even if it means just telling other people and spreading the word. 

I'm currently thinking of ways for my co-workers and I (those who are interested) can make a difference. So far, I'm thinking of picking up some of the energy efficient lightbulbs for our desk lamps!  A small thing for sure, but effective! 

Personally, now that I've seen the movie, I think it's my obligation to do whatever I can to make a difference, get the word out there and help in any way, no matter how small. 

Tags: inconvenient truth

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