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posting for the sake of it

I slept so much last night! I had planned on watching some TV but ended up just crashing at 7:30 pm and only waking up once when Jboy called to say good-night (happy grin) and then again randomly at 3:00 am. I slept like a log but started to have really weird dreams closer to the time that I usually wake up. 

My new housemates seem pretty cool. They're a spanish speaking couple who (IIRC) recently came to Canada and they seem quite pleasant. They also seem to like cooking fish... the place smells like cooked fish more often lately. I suppose that could be the super. I did hear the new couple in the bathroom together this morning. I think that's because there's not enough hot water for two people to shower separately! I think the hot water tank is the size of a thimble!

I'm still going crazy over the Animal Crossing game for my DS. I keep getting all sorts of new stuff to play with! I also find it relaxing. I had a migraine this morning and found that it was great to keep me distracted on my commute without causing me problems (I have trouble concentrating when I get migraines). 

We're strangely busy at work today, which isn't good considering I'm a little bit out of it after taking my migraine meds! Weeee!  All I really feel like doing is lying down and going to bed (yup, these pills do cause drowsiness).  Thankfully, it will pass eventually but until then, it's just a matter of trying to keep my head on straight!


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