Nothing but Crows (kaleekolai) wrote,
Nothing but Crows

Mooting the night away

Had a great day yesterday. Work went by fairly quickly, although I was stuck on a call and had to stay past the end of my shift. After work, I went and met up with Jboy near his work and we commuted back to his place together. We hooked up our DSes during the subway ride and played more Animal Crossing together. It's such great fun and it makes the commutes go by faster!

We dropped our stuff off at his place (and turned the game off) to head over to Mitzi's Sister's for one of the local Pagan Pub Moots. They alternate locations between the east end and the Queen West location that is right around the corner from Jboy's place. Since they were in "our" end of town this time, I asked Jboy if he was interested in going and he said yes, so we checked it out! Thankfully, macnacailli showed up (which was a nice surprise since I'd forgotten he was the one who'd put me on to this group over a year ago!) and pointed us toward the pagans! I'm sure we would have figured it out eventually but it was nice having someone to do introductions and chat with right off the bat!

I thought it would be a good night to go too because it was a little bit of a party for the launch of a new book by Brendan Cathbad Myers, Ph.D. It's called "The Mysteries of Druidry" and although I've been looking for books either on Druidry or on British Witchcraft, I'd been having a bit of trouble finding good ones. Brendan read the introduction for us, which was so incredible that I was thrilled to hear that he had a box of the books to sell to us! He read a story from Irish mythology that I'd never heard before but knew instantly who the players were without knowing their names. Just the imagery from parts of it gave me goosebumps. I think I also enjoyed the way he sounded when he was reading for us. 

I also got to meet a few new people in the community, which was great and am definitely thinking that I'll be going back to future moots! I definitely enjoyed this group a lot more than the group at the other moots I'd been to. It just seemed to be a slightly more mature, down to earth bunch of people (no pun intended). I'm also kind of jazzed about possibly going to this year's Toronto Pagan Pride Day. It's in August and I've never been before but it's something that I've always thought would be nice to check out. They'll have events, a little ritual, music, performances and some workshops from the sounds of it. 

I'm really glad that we decided to go. It's always nice to get a new book too!!


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