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I am officially addicted to my new DS lite and the two new games that I bought!! (Animal Crossing and Castlevania) I've been playing them both at every chance I get!!  Last night, Jboy and I hooked up to the Nintendo wi-fi and played Animal Crossing together!  It was great! We can chat AND run around like goofballs. 

Notable Animal Crossing acheivements so far today: payed off the loan on my house, caught a squid, a seahorse and a tire, got a new resident in town and ordered some renovations for my house!  There's also a crazy giraffe in town that chopped off most of my hair! Eek!  Maybe I'll go buy a hat! Tonight, I think I'll have Jboy over to my town! ;)

Did I mention that I'm addicted?! 

The Wi-Fi option is great though! The towns are different, so visiting a friend's town is like an "expansion pack"! Too much fun!
Tags: animal crossing, ds lite, nintendo wi-fi

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