Goth face

The weekend report

I had the best weekend!

Jboy came over on Friday for supper and we hung out at my place for a bit. It was awesome being able to have company! Unfortunately, my new roommates were moving in at the same time which meant eating at the kitchen table wasn't an option but we managed (that's why the gods made knees!).

After dinner, we headed out to meet up with with one of Jboy's friends to see a band from the east coast. They were playing downtown near Much Music. They started really early so we only got to hear a little bit before their time was up but we all hung out and the guys all chatted and laughed about life back on the island. It was good fun!

On Saturday, we headed out for breakfast at Lakeview Lunch where I used to go with hazelbranch and eumelosdrizzle from time to time. We then met up with some friends who were playing frisbee in a nearby park and then headed to Dufferin Mall for some shopping. The mall was crazy as usual but thankfully not as busy as I've seen it on some weekends! I tried to pre-order a DS lite from EB but they were already sold out on their pre-orders but I did pick up Castlevania from Toys-R-Us.

That night we went and saw the best musical performance that I've seen in a very long time (maybe ever)!  We saw Hawksley Workman perfom at Massey Hall and I can't even put into words how awesome it was. I got chills listening to him sing and was crying for most of the performance it was so amazing. It was so wonderful being there with Jboy. I can't imagine having gone with anyone else. It's definitely the kind of show that you need to see with someone who can really appreciate the music. The whole thing was so surreal that I came out of it (after several encores) feeling like I was drunk or high!  We grabbed some food at the Hard Rock Cafe (holy musical overload batman!) before heading home and passing out. 

Sunday morning I headed home as Jboy started his trek to Mississauga. I slept for a few hours and then got a call from Jboy telling me that he was back home earlier than expected. On the way home, he'd also picked up a DS lite that he'd pre-ordered. So, on my way over to see him, I went and picked one up for myself. I was planning on waiting a bit but I've never been good at waiting for toys! We spent part of the day playing our new games (no geeks here!) but we also watched Mirror Mask, which Dee lent us, and went for a little bit of a walk around the neighbourhood. It was really nice.

It was a busy weekend but it was a great weekend! Maybe something a little more low-key next weekend though. ;)