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Inspiring creativity

eumelosdrizzle just gave me an idea for some creativity that would also tie in with my spirituality. It's a variation on something that he's doing himself where he's choosen a God/Goddess to focus on each month.  I've put together a list of 12 things that I feel are spiritually symbolic and put them into a bowl. I pulled one for each month, starting with June, and I will make each one into a work of art (either written or painted). 

All of the symbols that I've chosen have a certain meaning to me. Some I can explain, others I can't. After pulling them all, I decided however, that one was missing and I'm going to throw it in as a "wildcard". It's something that I will do at some point in the year when the time seems right.

These are the results:
June: Stag (interesting since this was the first one I put down and the first one that I really felt inclined to paint. Even with them being mixed up in the bowl, it appears that this is definitely the starting point)
July: Snake
August: Maiden
September: Sun
October: Moon
November: Oak
December: Crone
January: Mother
February: Sacred Grove
March: Horned Lord
April: Green Man
May: Divine Couple

Wildcard: Crow

The plan is to try and focus on producing one piece of art per month on the subject chosen. I'm rather excited about the stag one for this month. I think it's rather ambitious but doable. I have an idea of what I'd like it to look like so I'm going to try and do some sketches and see what I can get.