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Like many Torontonians, I would have been stranded because of the TTC strike yesterday if I'd been feeling well enough to go in to work. My manager was driving around picking people up in his rental car after I called him to let him know about the strike (he hadn't heard). Unfortunately, my stomach was bothering me so much that I couldn't even eat, let alone work, so I stayed home. 

I spent several hours sleeping, tried to eat a bun... got through about half of it. I ended up finishing it later but for most of the day just drank water and ginger-ale. The thought of eating made my stomach feel worse. It wasn't terrible but it was a bit queasy. Thankfully, I was only uncomfortable, not throwing up. 

I tried to call Jboy, who was also stranded at home, later in the afternoon and wasn't able to get a hold of him. I'd been watching a CSI marathon, so after the third hour and two or three voice mails, I was starting to worry (damnable TV poisoning my mind!). In any case, he logged online later and everything was fine. He'd been out for a walk and then fallen asleep. 

My stomach is still not feeling 100% today but it definitely seems to be better. I'm wondering if it's just nerves or if it's something else (at this point, I suppose it could be hunger). I think I'm going to have to go to the doctor's again if it keeps up much longer. I'm trying to eat lightly (crackers, soup, veggies) because I don't know if my stomach could handle much else. 

In other news, work will be sending me to a convention in a couple of months. It should be interesting. I don't really know what to expect but hopefully it will be interesting. 

Tonight I'm going to be doing some volunteer envelope stuffing for the Fringe Festival. I'm just hoping that I'm up to it. Maybe the repetitive work will be good to distract me from my stomach problems... hopefully it won't be the other way around. 
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It could be just a combination of a random stomach bug picked up somewhere, and the sudden gross weather. I know I generally don't feel like eating heavy foods when it's hot and humid, and sudden weather changes knock a lot of people for a loop.

*shrugs* Anyway, feel better.
Yeah, I'm really hoping that it's something simple like that. It does seem to be getting better...slowly mind you, but better.