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I had an awesome weekend with Jboy!  Was it ever nice to have that extra day off!  

Friday, we ran some errands which included me getting a new cell phone since mine barely held a charge for more than a day. So, I got a similar one but a newer and better model! It's an LG6190 for anyone who cares. Jboy and I both played with it a bit on the way home and I was starting to get worried that it didn't have a silent vibrate option on it (I found the option for high volume and vibrate but not silent vibrate). There was an image on the * key that looked like it might mean "vibrate" but all I could make it do was dial * over and over. At this point I was feeling a little disappointed but Jboy suggested I check the manual (duh) and sure enough, I just had to hold the button for a few seconds! I must say, now that I've got that all figured out, I'm quite pleased with my new phone!

Saturday began with much sleeping in followed by a trip to Hamilton where we went indoor rock-climbing for E's birthday. Jboy was pretty good at it and even climbed on wall that was on a slant! I didn't even have the strength to get up on it. I only climbed a few times and had a bit of trouble because of my fear of heights and had to stop before getting to the top a couple of times. I had a pretty good time though! My contacts started to bother me towards the end of the evening but it was pretty awesome not having to worry about my glasses.

Sunday and Monday were mostly just spent chilling out (which was about all I could do, consider almost every muscle in my body was sore). We watched the last few episodes of Babylon 5, season one, and played lots of Soul Caliber 3... too much maybe! Man is it ever fun!! I think that I'd never leave the house if I owned it myself!  As it was, we lost track of the time playing it last night and kept playing until quite late...but not ridiculously so. I did however have a bit of trouble sleeping and woke up feeling pretty ill. I'm still waiting for the queasiness to stop. I wouldn't change a thing though because staying late resulted in my staying the night. Falling asleep with Jboy one more night was perfect bliss and waking up to go to work (although difficult due to sleepiness) was also really nice. I wish I could kiss him good-bye and wish him a good day every morning. I've never seen him in the early morning sunlight before... *happy sigh*
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