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I realized again today that I have to make sure I always have groceries in the fridge. I've had McDonalds for lunch two days in a row and didn't really find it all that enjoyable either time. It was quick and easy though and since I haven't been feeling very energetic for the past few days (in fact I've been feeling quite worn out), quick and easy was just what I wanted.  Soooo... I picked up some groceries on my way home from work, despite the fact that I was still feeling pretty tired and it was raining. When I got home, I pigged out on fresh veggies! Yum!! Boy did my body ever want that nourishment and I'm pretty sure the fact that I haven't been getting as much fresh fruit and veggie for the past few days has played a huge part in my energy levels.

I started to get annoyed and restless around 7 o'clock because I was working on my laptop and I the damn thing wasn't recognizing the power cord (again). I didn't have the desire to fight with it and figured what better time than now to bring in to Future Shop to get fixed (again). The guy there was really nice and saw that the part that the cord goes into was loose which meant it was broken. Go figure! I've always been pretty good with the laptop and for the first year that I had it, it was usually just sitting on my desk (and that was when I first had power cord troubles). I also mentioned that the battery only had about a 30 minute charge and that you only get sound out of one speaker with headphones on (unless you really fuss with it). So, I should have it back in about two weeks and hopefully it will be all fixed up and I won't have any more problems with it. *crosses fingers* I love my laptop but damn it's been a bit of a pain in the butt!

I want to get my book finished tonight. I have just under 100 pages left! I think I shall continue reading it after America's Next Top Model is finished!  Weeee!! Then I can start on another book! Maybe I'll read some more of Starhawk's Dreaming the Dark. The choices are endless!  No really... I have hundreds of unread books... just not all here at my place.

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