Feeling Magically Me

It makes such a difference not having any school work looming over me.  I've been reading my Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell book for the past week and thoroughly loving it!  I was a good two thirds of the way through it already but I'd had to put it on hold in order to make sure I was getting my readings done for my classes. Now I'm free!! FREE!!! I can read whatever I want!! At least until my next round of classes. Even though it's fiction, I just love reading stories about magic and fairies! 

Yesterday I went out and picked myself up a couple new decks of Tarot cards. I had wee folk on the brain and spent about two hours on www.tarotpassages.com looking at different decks and found one that I absolutely loved!  Naturally, it wasn't in stock at the bookstores, so I ordered that deck and bought two others (all about the wee folk). I've done a few readings with them and find them to be quite good! I am impressed.

It felt so good getting back into some of my more spiritual based activities. I've also been lighting a candle at night, for no reason in particular except that candle light makes me feel more magical. 

I'm finding that I'm feeling even more aware of different energies swirling around me lately and I'm hoping to use this energy along with some of the elements of buddhist meditation that I enjoy to work through some of my recent thoughts, worries and insecurities. I want to get to the root of some of the feelings that I've been experiencing and try to regain a greater sense of equilibrium. 

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I'm glad you're enjoying your down time! School stuff can definitely impact on the amount of time for personal reading... I hear that! I guess it's fortunate that my class isn't too heavy on the reading, only about a chapter a class, so there's still some time in there for the fun stuff. I loved Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell too. I can make a few recommendations if you're looking for some more fairy-filled fiction. ;)

Which decks did you end up getting? If you don't have it yet, totally check out Froud's Faery Oracle. I love that one and use it quite a bit.

Meditation is always good for working stuff out... and of course, there's always friends to talk to too. ;)
I've been thinking of picking up "Tithe" which is for young adults but I'm not sure. I know the Charles De Lint books have lots of fairy goodness too. I'll let you know if I need more but at the present moment it's probably best that I don't get tempted!! ;)

I got two decks, both from the Lo Scarabeo publishing company that did my Gothic Vampire deck you got me. One is called "Fairy Tarot" and the other is "Tarot of the Hidden Folk". The third one that I ordered is called "Tarot of the Secret Forest", also by Lo Scarabeo.

I actually decided not to get the Froud cards because although I like Froud's art, I don't think that I like it enough. Something about it just doesn't quite resonate with me. Can't really explain it.

As for working stuff out, it's more of the same old insecurities popping up. I'm just trying to figure out why at this point since I know that the things I'm worried about aren't actually "truths". I might end up making a post about it yet, even if it's just to kind of vent/purge/talk it out.