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Food, glorious food

I'm actually doing it. I don't know how I finally made it happen but I'm actually eating better. I'd almost go so far as to say that, for the most part, I'm eating well! I am no longer eating junk food as a "meal" (though I do still have treats) and I eat all sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables every day! I'm also eating breakfast in the mornings (usually consisting of fresh fruit). I'm noticing such a difference in my whole body and in my mind that I'm quite thrilled with myself. I'm noticing that, overall, I tend to have more energy. I really do feel healthier (I'm getting lighter too) and I don't get that heavy feeling in my stomach that I used to get from eating poorly. 

The best part of this whole wacky change is the fact that I'm really want the healthier foods now. I feel weird on days that I don't have any fresh fruits or veggies, even if it's just as simple as having an apple for breakfast. Whenever I think about eating out, I tend to want better foods. Amidst extreme hunger I'll get a burger at a fast food joint but usually I'll opt for something much healthier. The memory of how the junkier foods makes me feel (in comparison to how good I feel when I eat well) is now a strong enough deterrent to keep me from pigging out. Everything in moderation! 

A strange "side effect" of this new enjoyment of healthier foods is a decrease in my meat consumption. I'm still getting protein from veggie dogs and such but I just don't tend to crave meat much anymore. To be honest, I don't seem to be craving most fatty foods as much as I used to. Even my most favourite of favourites (potato chips) are less appealing to me than they used to be. I can no longer sit down with a big bag of chips and eat them all in one sitting. This is awesome for me since that was probably my greatest weakness and it wreaked havoc on my body (and brain).

In completely unrelated news, I got contacts today. I'm not planning on wearing them all the time and I'm finding it a bit hard to get used to the difference but I'm also loving them!  I'm not sure about the one in my right eye though. I think that my astigmatism might be a little bit too bad to use a regular one... we'll see. It's so different from the feel of glasses that I really think that it's just going to take some time before I'm used to them.
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