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Weekend wanderings

Spent a lovely weekend with Jboy (as I usually do). We watched some Babylon 5, which I love and he hasn't seen, went to see some sketch comedy and hung out with friends. Yesterday, we went out and ate at a new little restaurant on Roncesvalles that had amazing milkshakes and then went for a walk in High Park. We hadn't been planning on going for a walk but it was such a nice day out that I asked Jboy if he minded.

We ended up in a part of High Park that I'd never been to before and just sat down on a stone ledge next to a pond and sat in silent stillness. As we sat next to each other, we were visited by several different birds while we sat and I was surprised at how close they came to us. The two that came closest to us were a red-winged blackbird (they always remind me of the country home where I grew up) and a Canadian Goose. The blackbird flew right by us a couple of times, landed on a branch right in front of us and chirped at us a bit before heading elsewhere. The goose meandered over in the water, checked us out and then headed back to another area of the pond. It was rather neat having the critters come so close.

I also enjoyed the reflections in the water. Since we were sitting under a tree that was hanging out across the water, there were some pretty interesting reflections both on the water and on the tree branches. I found it very peaceful to be sitting quietly out in such a beautiful and natural setting.

Of course, being the little hormonal, sensitive thing that I am, I ended up feeling a little bit bummed out on Sunday morning but the walk did me some good. I'm still unsure of my hair and I'm not sure why (it's something that I really want to figure out because so far I'm only getting compliments about it). I'm still struggling a bit with my weight (though making good progress with my eating habits) and that tends to bumb me out from time to time. To top it all off, I'm definitely feeling some pressure about my exam that's coming up on Monday. I've been studying like mad but feel completely unprepared for some reason. I know that I'll find my calm once I walk into the exam room but until then, I feel the stress of trying to get as much of the necessary information into my brain as possible. At some point, I will also realize that my brain is full and will know it's time to stop. Then I will stop worrying.
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