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On grocery shopping and eating better

I've been buying groceries lately and noticing a huge difference in how I'm feeling already. My problem with eating was more based on lack of energy for preparing a meal as opposed to any actual aversion to nutritious food. Since I'm aware of this aversion to food preparation (partly due to my living situation where I don't feel comfortable using the kitchen) I've been buying pre-cut bowls of fruit and veggies at the grocery store. Just adding the fresh fruits and veggies to my diet has made me feel a lot healthier and nourished overall. I couldn't believe how much of a change I noticed. I don't feel so sluggish after lunch, my digestion seems better, my stomach feels more satisfied, my body feels refreshed instead of weighed down and it just feels healthier overall!

The difference is even more apparent when I eat something full of empty calories (cough) McDonalds (cough). I can really feel my body reacting well to the good food and not so well when I feed it the junkier stuff. This is a good sign and the healthier feeling is definitely good motivation to keep up with it. I didn't have fresh groceries for a couple of days last week and I really noticed it.

At this point, I'm not sure if I'm saving much money but the benefit I'm getting from generally feeling better is enough to make me want to continue with it. It's pretty good motivation!

I've also changed my actual shopping habits in the sense that I only get about 3-4 days worth of food instead of trying to get everything that I might want for the whole week. This results in less spoilage (I used to get so much food that half of it would end up going bad before I could eat it) and also makes it easier to actually carry the groceries home (I used to struggle with too many heavy bags and get home feeling exhausted). Overall, grocery shopping has become more enjoyable and I don't have the worry of wasting food because of spoilage hanging over my head.
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