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I should not be allowed in bookstores...

I also shouldn't be allowed to read articles ABOUT books! I was reading the Metro newspaper yesterday (which I rarely do) and saw an article about David Suzuki in it. It was talking about his most recent autobiography and since I think he's such an interesting person, I was immediately interested! So I ran over to the bookstore and grabbed a copy on my lunch break. Of course, while I was there, I had to quickly browse the religion section. I thought that they might have a copy of the Lotus Sutra but I was out of luck. I did however notice a book by the Dalai Lama about "How to Practice". Since it was so very relevant to my life right now, I decided to grab it too! I've already started to read both of them, on top of my textbook and Fragrance of the Lotus book! I think that I have a problem. Of course, as far as problems go, I guess this one isn't too bad.
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I haven't been able to get it together yet. I'll wake up and then just go right back to sleep. It's a little disappointing actually because I feel good when I wake up earlier but when the alarm goes off, all I can think of is how cozy my bed is. I'm not sure how to reprogram myself...I probably just need more incentive or willpower or something.
I have this condition where I cannot walk into a bookstore without buying a book or two. I have to avoid bookstores for the sake of my bank account.
I've only recently managed to curb that same problem myself. I've walked out without books maybe two or three times now... that's progress right? LoL