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[Living Buddhism] Hope

I read a quote today that gave me hope. It is from a book called The Fragrance of the Lotus which was written by the Supreme Matriarch Great Dharma Master Ji Kwang that I picked up a little while ago. As those of you who have been reading my journey through trying to understand Buddhism know, I have been struggling a bit. I've even gotten a bit down a few times because I uncover things through meditation and introspection and am unsure how to handle these things when they arise. Sometimes just sharing them on here or talking to my friends helps but not always. Some of the things that I uncovered have upset me quite a bit and then I get upset with myself for being upset about them. I think to myself, "Aren't I just supposed to be able to let them go?"  I often find that it's not so easy and think that I must be missing something... until I read this:

Big fish do not live in an ocean that has no storms.

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