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Weekend travels

Was it ever nice having a long weekend! Both Jboy and I had Friday and Monday off, so we headed to my mom's for the weekend. I'd rented a car and drove us there, subjecting Jboy not only to my driving and music, but also to my singing for the whole trip.

We got in after midnight on Thursday (though I guess it's actually Friday if it's after midnight) and the drive was pretty good (despite a bit of a migraine that I was fighting). We headed pretty much straight to bed but not before I opened my Xmas presents from my mom! I'd totally forgotten that we hadn't had a chance to see each other since Xmas, so it was a nice treat.

Most of the weekend was spent going through my boxes that my mom is storing for me, deciding what to bring back to Toronto and meeting up with other family members. Jboy got to meet my grandmother, my brother and his wife, which was really great. We had a really nice time hanging out with my brother. I don't get to see him much and it was nice that everyone seemed to get along really well. There were lots of laughs to be had!

My brother gave me one of his band's t-shirts as a belated Xmas gift. I love it! I even wore it to the concert I went to last night! It was under my little spring jacket for the most part though because the venue was FREEZING cold. The music, however, was AWESOME...but I digress!

We got to meet my mom's new boyfriend and I found that I really liked him. I don't often really like people right off the bat but he seemed familiar in some way. Very good indeed! He took us out for a delicious buffet dinner and we stuffed our bellies!

It wasn't perfect of course. There was a spat with my mother (which is just par for the course) and the usual allergy attack that I get from dusty places but overall it was really good. I think having Jboy there and just the support and reassurance he gave me helped more that I could ever put into words. I never thought the words "It's okay" and "Take your time" could be so meaningful and comforting.

The journey back to the big TO was a bit of an adventure since we were late leaving (largely due to my lack of desire to get out of bed or get my stuff packed up and loaded into the car). After eating lunch at one of my favourite restaurants (somehow it wasn't as thrilling as I remember) I realized that I'd left my cellphone at my mom's place. Thankfully, we were only half an hour away but it meant we lost a whole hour since she lives in the opposite direction from TO.

The drive back was really nice though. It was sunny and warm and traffic was moving really well but we were late which meant I was keeping the car for an extra day. So, instead of getting too stressed out, we just drove down to the concert we were going to and got there in plenty of time!

As I mentioned, the concert was awesome. It was Franz Ferdinand and Death Cab For Cutie. I'd only ever heard one song by each of the groups but I'd known Jboy liked them so I'd gotten us the tickets. I personally really enjoyed the concert but enjoyed Death Cab most. What's even more interesting is that I realized this morning that I'd almost bought one of their albums about a year ago because the cover art was so appealing. I'd totally forgotten about it. The one song that I know is also from that album. It's one of the songs that Jboy put on a mixed CD that he'd made me for Yule! Coincidence? I think not!

It was so nice being able to spend the weekend relaxing and cuddling with Jboy. Of course, last night it seemed so strange going to bed and waking up alone. *sigh* I'm sure that will change in time too. :)

It was a bit hard to get up after such a late night last night but somehow I managed to pull my lazy carcass out of bed and get myself in to work. Thankfully, the day isn't going by too slowly either. I'm thinking that a nap will definitely be in order for when I get home.
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