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blood and stuff

I donated blood for the first time yesterday. It was an interesting experience. The people who were taking the blood didn't seem all that competent though and I now have needle marks in both my arms and bruises... that part wasn't so fun. It felt weird though, knowing that my blood was being drained out of my body and then thinking that it will probably end up in someone else's body.... that person is going to have a little bit of me inside them. Seemed kind of strange but neat all at the same time.

About 2 hours after giving blood I was sitting in class getting ready to write a quiz... I don't think I did well. I mixed up my philosophers/sociologists and which theory they developed. At this point I will seriously just be happy if I passed the darn thing!! My brain was not working at full speed and I should have thought of that before giving blood! Hindsight is 20/20!

Today I'm just whipped! I had so many little things to do at work (some are going to be waiting until Monday to be finished), I stayed an hour late passing around a birthday card for people to sign and then grabbed some groceries on the way home! I just feel like curling up under my blankies, maybe popping in a movie and resting. ....


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