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Friends list

I'm culling my friends list. I've never done it before and figure after this many years it's about time to clear out the cobwebs. I've noticed that I've been removed from some flists and figure that there's no point in me keeping them on mine if the journals are friends only anyway. So... let the fun begin.

Since I don't tend to filter a lot of my stuff anyway, this probably isn't going to be too big of a deal but I am debating making this journal friends only, so just let me know if you enjoy reading it so that I know to keep you on.
Awesome! I'll make sure to keep you around a little longer then! ;)

I also read yours (and get many a giggle from it!) even if I don't comment either!
I admittedly don't read this as much as I should (which can be said of my whole friends page - so little time these days with my massive amount of homework) but I do read it when I can.
Thanks! I thought you would like to stay on for more wild adventures in the life of Meg! ;)