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A couple of neat things from the past few days. Yesterday, on my way to pick up a metropass on campus and I bumped into my Professor from my Buddhism class! He was heading home and I had a quick chat with him to let him know that I'm looking forward to the Jodo Shinshu speaker we have coming in today. I also asked him if I could bring a friend along and not only did he say yes, he also told me to bring a few and "fill the place up". I get a kick out of him, it's too bad he's retiring.

The other thing that I thought was really neat this morning happened when I was reading about Buddhism and "letting go" and saw my own thoughts echoed on the page. It was an article by a teacher, Ajahn Chah, (and I'm assuming he's a monk given the robes and shaved head) who mentioned that "people get discouraged" when they're minds wander and thoughts arise during meditation. He says, "If just that much was evil, the Buddha never would have become the Buddha. He spent five years struggling with his mind, thinking of his home and his family. It was only after six years that he awakened." I couldn't believe how close this quote was to what I'd been trying to express the other day while reflecting on the arising of thoughts in my own meditations. It gave me hope that I'm doing something right, even if I don't always wake up at the right time or eat during the right hours...
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