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Death and taxes... no really!

I got home from work yesterday in a fair amount of pain. It was a familiar pain, that of the much (un)loved bladder infection. Oh the joys of a shorter urethra! So I chugged cranberry juice like it was going out of style, called into work this morning to let them know I was sick and headed to the doctor's. I was feeling a lot better than last night but figured I shouldn't mess around with it. The doctor decided to put me on antibiotics even though it seemed to be clearing up, just to be on the safe side. So I get to be all drugged up for a week... okay, maybe not really but I get to take fun little yellow and black pills that remind me of bumblebees (exactly the ones I was expecting him to give me).

While I was out I also picked myself up some magazines and chocolate. I'd been craving dark chocolate so I decided I'd grab some since they sell the good stuff just down the street from the clinic at the Big Carrot and I also popped into Book City and picked up a few magazines - two on Buddhism and one on Yoga.

At that point, I decided to head in to work since I wasn't feeling to terrible anymore and grabbed a fresh squeezed cranberry juice on the way. Thankfully it was fairly quiet on the phones today too, so being a bit under the weather wasn't a problem. Strangely enough, I miss the camraderie of my co-workers when I'm not there. Maybe I'm more of a people person than I think I am.

Other things I did today include signing up for a Reiki Level 1 class that I'll be taking with KT from work and getting my taxes done. I'm really looking forward to the Reiki class and was really glad to find out that despite having cashed in $6000 in RRSPs, I will still be getting a tax refund this year. Thank goodness for tuition credits and living in Nunavut! It was a bit pricey to get them done but I figure it's better than me messing them up...besides, the fee wasn't more than the refund, so I'm still ahead of the game!

In other news, Mr. Fishy has gone to the big fishbowl in the sky. I came home from work yesterday and saw that he'd finally moved on. He'd been really sick for a while and hadn't been eating so I knew it was only a matter of time. I am actually surprised at how long he held on for. He was a good little fish and I'm glad that I got him.

I am really looking forward to the trip to my Dad's this weekend (as I'm sure I've mentioned many times already). I haven't seen him in a while and I'm really looking forward to introducing him to Jboy! I'm hoping we have nice weather but it looks like rain, rain and more rain in the forecast... we shall see.
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