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[Living Buddhism] Day 6 - A sleepy Monday

Despite the fact that I threw my schedule off completely on the weekend, I still managed to keep within my two meal daily limit. I find that I sleep better at night and my body seems happier to have that extra time to digest before bed. Of course, I'm usually quite hungry by the time I wake up!

I'm still feeling a bit queasy in the mornings but I have a feeling that's just my stomach waking up and hunger setting in. I imagine I'll get used to that with time.

I am tired this morning but somehow have a good amount of energy. I don't know how that works but apparently it does somehow. I only overslept by 30 minutes (therefore getting 7.5 hours of sleep instead of the 7 that are part of the new schedule) but it meant I didn't have any time for meditation before work. That's simply due to the fact that I went to bed fairly late. I think I like it better when I'm up earlier, when I can actually manage it, because I enjoy having the extra few moments of solitude in the morning. The trick is remembering this aspect of it when the alarm goes off in the morning and I'm warm and cozy in my bed.

I'm having much less difficulty with the eating aspect of it, though I have given in to the snack urge twice now. I am still astounded by the difference of the monastic lifestyle to that of our own and how much discpline it takes to maintain it. Of course, it might be easier when you're part of a community that is also on the same schedule.

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