[Living Buddhism] Day 1 - Midday report ...and other stuff

I've been resisting the urge to update like crazy but I've been up since 3:30 and am past the halfway point of my day...soooo, I figured that another update wouldn't be "too much".

I ended up spending most of my morning painting. I finished a painting for a co-worker and she seems to like it so she'll very probably be buying it from me! I wasn't as happy with the way it turned out as I'd hoped but it's definitely a decent piece. I did it in acrylic instead of watercolour, so it was a little different that what I was used to. I'll upload the picture of it later tonight.

I didn't quite make the before noon lunch deadline too. My lunch was scheduled for 12:45 and I forgot to make my food during my break at 10:30 which meant having to scramble to cook and eat it before noon. Unfortunately, by the time it was all said and done, I wasn't finished until 12:30pm. I think that I'm probably going to have to allow for a bit of flexibility in this particular part of the schedule and I did see that some monasteries do eat the lunch meal at 12:15, so there does seem to be some amount of wiggle room.

I just found out that the Hawksley Workman concert that Jboy and I were going to attend this weekend has been postponed until June. It seems he's sick. It's kind of too bad too since I was rather looking forward to it but now it just gives me something to look forward to in June instead!!

I also just sold my first painting!!!!! My co-worker (who'd asked if I'd paint one for her back when I started) confirmed that she'll take it! She's going to give my the money on Friday (since she's not in the office tomorrow). Until then, I can admire it at my own desk!

I've just about completed another one too. This time of blue forget-me-nots. I'm really loving the way it's turning out!! I'm sure I'll have it all finished by tomorrow.