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A weekend for carrots

I had a fabulous weekend with Jboy. A good portion of it consisted of much laziness and relaxation, which was awesome. Included in the lazier activities was the watching of History of Violence and a whole lot of Project Runway re-runs. I wasn't that crazy about the History of Violence. It just seemed too much like so many other stories I've read/seen. I didn't find any of it really that innovative. The acting was pretty good though.

Friday after work I went to get my hair cut, as I mentioned already and then met up with KT at her place. We took her doggie, Pearl (who is a spunky little pomeranian), for a walk before heading out to dinner. When we got back inside, Pearl decided that I was okay and let me pet her. KT was really surprised by this since Pearl doesn't let anyone pet her! It was pretty funny too because she actually jumped up on the back of my legs when I was getting my coat on to head back outside! It made me feel really special to be accepted by Pearl since she usually doesn't accept strangers like that.

KT and I headed to Zelda's on Church Street, one of my favourite places to hang out and grab a bite to eat, and met up with Jboy. We chatted and laughed and just had a really nice, stress free dinner. I felt so comfortable and relaxed. It was so nice to be able to hang out with friends and just enjoy each other's company.

Saturday was pretty low-key. We went out for breakfast at our favourite little spot, Jboy did some cleaning around the house and then we went to get groceries and snacks. I ate way too many snacks but darn were they ever good!!

On Sunday we'd been planning on heading to a Zen Temple for their morning meditation but we both ended up feeling more like staying all cozy in bed. Maybe next weekend we can try again! hehe We ended up heading out to the Carrot Common and Ten Thousand Villages. I picked up a Tibetan singing bowl which sounds incredible. I played with it for most of the evening while we watched TV. We also picked up a bunch of incense, I bought some stones and we got some yummy fair trade chocolate! Jboy also picked up a book on Spinoza and a magazine on design for inspiration. Some of the stuff in the magazine is just incredible and I really do hope that it does inspire him. He's such a gifted artist/designer.

The day seems to be going by really quickly here at work today, which is great! It's kind of busy but nothing outrageous. I also have class tonight so I'm glad that the day is going by quickly and not feeling like it's dragging. We still haven't gotten our essays back (or if we did it was last week when I wasn't there) so I'm hoping I get it back today since we get the next assignment next week and I need to know if the way I structured this last one is better than the first two. I'm so glad that I only have the one essay left!
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