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Longer weekends needed

I had a whole lot of trouble waking up this morning. I just didn't want to roll out of bed. I slept soundly right up until my alarm went off and then it scared the pants off of me! I managed to drag myself to the shower and that seemed to wake me up nicely.

I got my hair cut on Friday and it's quite a bit shorter. I absolutely LOVE the way that it looks and the fact that it now takes me half as long to wash it. It also doesn't get caught in my coat zipper anymore...that was painful and annoying. THankfully, it also looks good when I let it air dry and don't style it. Of course, it does look better when I do.

It seems to be a big hit with everyone who's seen it so far too. Jboy said that it makes me look younger! Not that I really need to look younger but it does suit me really well! It seems to enhance my facial features quite nicely.

I'm so excited about the stuff that Jboy and I have planned for the next few weeks! The first event is actually this weekend!! So close!
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