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Concerts, trips and a new LJ friend

In other news, unrelated to my creative exploits, I think the next few weeks are going to be really interesting. Next weekend Jboy and I are going to the Hawksley Workman concert at Massey hall, which I'm really looking forward to, then on April fools day we head to Stratford to visit/meet my Dad. A few weeks later, we'll be heading to Cornwall for Easter to visit/meet my mom and come back just in time for the Franz Ferdinand/Death Cab for Cutie concert! I'm about to see as many concerts as I've seen so far in my life within a one month period! It's going to be awesome! Thanks to zinderfine for convincing me to get the FF/DCC tickets! Good call!!!

I'd also like to welcome a new friend to the LJ community: whitelotusyoga. She's a great friend who I work with and is just an incredible woman! She's one of those people that tends to bring out the parts of me that I really like. We tend to spend a lot of time discuss matters of spirituality and life, finding deeper insight into ourselves and the world as a whole. I think we tend to bring this depth out in each other and really connect well at that level. It's a really wonderful blessing. She is also the owner of the lotus painting I did today. (Thanks for the inspiration!) So, a big welcome and hope you enjoy your new journal!
Tags: iris, lotus, painting, tulips

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