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I haven't updated on here recently and I think it's largely just because I tend to feel pretty tired by the time I get home from work and have no desire to spend any more time on the computer... or any time actually thinking about what to type up. Today however, I want to share my new artwork with you! My gallery is friends only though, sorry folks. It's mainly just to add a bit of protection from potential copyright theft/violation.

I did one painting last night that I completed before work this morning. It is a painting of three tulips:Tulip painting

I then did one for a co-worker in between calls at work...which is potentially something that we may or may not actually be allowed to do. Either way, it turned out well and I took a picture of it before handing it over: Lotus Flower

Lastly, I did one that I absolutely love and think turned out the best of all three (I think it also scanned the best): Iris

All in all, I'd have to say that it was a very creative and productive day for me! I am very pleased not only with the paintings themselves but the fact that I'm actually seeing a bit of improvement between the first one that I did and the last one. I still need to loosen up a bit with the colour but that will take some time and more practice. I've actually also been commissioned to do a painting for another co-worker and we've discussed what she wants so I'll just have to quote her a price and get my butt in gear! It will be the first painting that I've actually sold!
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