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Finished at last

I feel as though a great weight has been lifted from my mind. I finally finished my essay. It ended up being about half a page longer than it was supposed to be, but I doubt that will be a big problem. I'm not sure If I'm entirely happy with it, but I doubt that I'll be changing it much at this point... if I change it at all. I feel so energized now that it's done! What a great feeling.

I went out to the mall today and picked up some different fabrics. Probably more fabric than I actually needed, but I got a variety of different colours for the different sabbats. I plan on putting up an altar in the near future that will change according to the seasons and sabbats. At this point I have a good amount of decorations to put up a Lammas altar, I'm just not sure when I'll be able to actually put it up... or where for that matter. Of course now that my essay is finished, I can get things cleaned up around here and maybe find a little space to set it up temporarily until I have a permanent spot for it. I also picked up a little book of spells from the mall. I don't usually buy spell books, mainly because I prefer to write my own, but it looked kind of fun and it was on sale so i though to myself "what the hell, could be fun". Turns out it's got some neat ideas in it and I might actually find myself using one or two of the ideas from it. Who would have guessed!

My friend Laura has lent me some of her books on Wicca too, now that I've declared I'm Wiccan (again). Of course I have no clue when I'll actually be able to read them, but I plan on reading them eventually even if it's only a few pages a week. I'm stilling feeling the sense of mystery and excitement surrounding me now that I've come back to Wicca and it's neat and at the same time so strange and unexpected. It's like I never turned my back on Wicca. I guess I know that I didn't really turn my back on Wicca... I just turned away from the imitations and fluff that had emerged under the same name.

I also want my friend userinfoLadyDogstar to know that I am thinking of her and praying that the Goddess (or in her case Anubis) grants her all the strength she needs to get through this particularly difficult time in her life. I also pray that she will find the truth and happiness she deserves.

So mote it be!

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