Seeing the divine

On my way to class yesterday I noticed something that I found really inspiring. I'm usually not one to actually be that aware of other people as I tend to be in my own world, not making eye contact or looking around much. I tend to go through a whole day never remembering a single face that I see but yesterday was different. I walked past a variety of different people starting with one very round, large young woman with reddish-blonde hair. My first thought was gladness that I'm not that large, followed by wondering how she felt about herself. Then something else occured; my mind turned to a more compassionate line of thinking and I started to look around and recognize that everyone, every single individual person, is a reflection and part of the divine.

I immediately got chills down my back when I started actually looking at other people and seeing them in this way. So many different and beautiful facets of the divine. So much diversity and it all of it good and all of it beautiful. I looked at my own perception of myself and recognized that I too am beautiful, just as I am, as a reflection of the divine. I realized just how magnificent the divine is to contain so much diversity.

I now see the large, round woman as a beautiful aspect of the divine.
I saw the tall, lanky couple as beautiful aspects of the divine.
I saw the stooped over old man as a beautiful aspect of the divine.
I see myself as a beautiful aspect of the divine.
We are all beautiful, we are all divine and we are all connected.
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That's a lovely way to think. "Perfect" people (ie. models) have less interest for me than someone with character written in their faces.
Same here! It's definitely the everyday people that I enjoy looking at and discovering beauty. With people trying to fit into that "perfect" category I think it's harder to find that natural beauty underneath all the manufactured beauty.

From an artistic perspective too, I'd much rather paint an old man/woman with smile lines, frown lines, wrinkles and all than a "perfect", smooth, unblemished face.