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Hump day!

My throat is definitely better today, we'll see how I do after a day of talking! I am however, feeling really tired and a bit groggy. My head is bothering me a little bit too but nothing serious. I think it's mostly just grogginess.

I am officially addicted to a game called Nintendogs for my DS. I have to get a charger for my DS though because my battery is almost dead and the charger that I did have seems to have gotten packed in a separate box from the actual DS. Go figure! Thankfully, the Future Shop up the street seems to have them in stock and they're always available for order right on the Nintendo website. Thankfully they aren't very expensive either.

One of my co-workers brought in fresh squeezed juiced for all the women in the office in honour of Women's Day, so I'm happily sipping on fresh strawberry juice!! Yum!! I don't know why there's a women's day but if it means free treats then I'm all for it!!
Tags: nintendogs, women's day

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